Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice Pack

Mom has been wanting ice packs for her head and neck because they help to numb the pain a little bit. Well, the ice packs they provide are the puny little "pop-able" ice packs that stay cold for all of two seconds. Eventually my hands were colder than the ice packs from holding the cup of ice chips for so long. Mom kept grabbing my cold hand and putting it on her forehead...and I could feel the throbbing!!! Poor Mom!! I decided to get creative and I made my own ice pack for her. I scouted out where the ice machine was, filled a bucket and transferred the ice to a glove and tied it off like a water balloon (see below.) This was MUCH colder than the aforementioned poor excuse for an ice pack and it enabled me to have my hand back ;). I thought this type of ice pack was pretty appropriate considering halloween is right around the corner ;). The bonus is that I can get her an ice pack whenever she wants and we don't have to wait for the nurse to bring them anymore! Now everyone seems to be a lot happier - mission accomplished :)!


  1. Julie, you are so resourceful! Your mom must be thrilled to have you by her side. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Very creative Julie! I am sure that is more helpful than the cold packs. I am so sorry for all that your mom is going through now and I sure hope that it is all worth it when she recovers. My she be even better than before.
    Lyn Logan

  3. Hi Julie!

    Please let Mom know that we are following your chronicles, and thinking of her.

    Clever ice bag!

    All the best,
    Fran and Rowena

  4. Julie...

    Clever... you obviously take after your Aunt Chris!
    XXOO to Lenna :(((((((((((((((