Monday, October 10, 2011


Waiting is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you know a loved one is away being prepped for surgery!! Nonetheless, waiting is a necessary evil right now, so I better gain some patience quickly!!! This morning has gone relatively smoothly so far. We were up at 4:45am, got to Cedars-Sinai around 5:30 and waited to be called. Once called to admissions we waited in another waiting room. Then Mom gave all her insurance and other information and received her wristband. Then we went up to the 8th floor where Dad and I said a temporary goodbye as Mom went off to be prepped for surgery. Some more waiting ensued and after about an hour Dad and I got to go back to where a bunch of patients were prepped for surgery and say one last "goodbye for now". Mom shed some tears, but, as usual, she fought hard to hold the tears back as the anesthesiologist asked "are you ready for the cocktail?" A quick kiss on the cheek from Dad and me and away we wait...and wait...and wait! This surgery is supposed to be about one and a half to two hours in length and it started around 7:30am. We met the nurse that will be in surgery with Mom and she said she will be the one to update us throughout the procedure, so I will let you know when I know more. Until then, please keep the positive thoughts and prayers flowing!!!


  1. Thinking of you all continuously. Your blog is so well written, Julie, and so helpful for those waiting to hear about your dear Mom. Thank you.

  2. We are waiting with you, Julie. -Carol Bechta

  3. Prayers are with the entire family-Pam Stone